Master Plan

Organizational chart: the heart of modernity

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) adopted in 2002 a comprehensive regulatory plan covering development activities in the region at the level of the tourism, commercial, industrial and logistics sectors, as well as other investment sectors. The broad planning currently covers five areas: Aqaba City, Aqaba Port Area, Southern Coastal Zone, Southern Heavy Industries Area and Northern Airport Area.


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Aqaba: Beyond the Oasis

The old city rises between the sea and the desert, explodes modernity and simplifies strategic investment and tourism opportunities, in which the art of modern architecture complements the city's traditional components. A unique cultural environment is created here with endless opportunities for investors. Tourists, residents, investors and businessmen can enjoy a time of total prosperity, especially with stunning views of the beach and the sea and the tranquility of an unmatched city in the midst of the fast-paced daily life. Aqaba is the city of the past and the future, extending its paths to Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum.

Aqaba Port Area

The port of containers and the industrial port will be expanded in size and will be transported so that the industrial facility is allocated over time to the clearance operations of the goods normally carried out in the main port. The area is dedicated to tourism use.



Southern Coastal Area

The development of the main tourism and residential sectors is concentrated in the southern coastal area, including the sea and coral areas. Planning and development aims first to reduce the sparse land area today and to protect the beach and preserve coral reserves in line with the development of the private sector in order to turn the southern coastal area into a huge resort includes a new marina and residential centers, luxury hotels and entertainment facilities, all meet the "Corniche" pedestrian Stretching along the coastline.

Southern Heavy Industries Area

A natural mountain range separates the tourist coastal zone from the heavy industrial zone on the Saudi Arabian border. The region will be dedicated to chemical agricultural industries after a comprehensive expansion.



Northern Airport Area: The Open opportunities

The northern airport area is the cornerstone of Aqaba's transportation system. The area adjacent to King Hussein International Airport will quickly become the center for the development of qualified and light industries, and the airport will see expansions to provide direct access to shipping and storage.


The Aqaba Special Economic Zone is a global hub, with three continents converging and form..

Law and Regulations

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority plays a leading role at the administrative and g..

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