Investment Incentives

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority has simplified procedures for registering and licensing various economic activities and through a single investment window. The investor can establish a Jordanian company or institution through the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade located in the Investment Directorate. Law for Registered Enterprises. In addition to the recognition of the requirements of work permit, public safety, public health and environmental requirements to be complied with and start the process of obtaining the necessary permits, certificates and approvals. This window also allows the investor to apply for land, work permits and residence permits for foreign workers.

Fees and taxes

  • Exempt all imports from customs duties (excluding vehicles).

  • Exemption from social service tax.

  • Exemption from building and land taxes.

  • Exemption from share and quota distribution tax

  • 5% tax on the net income of any project excluding banks , insurance and land transport services subject to income tax applicable in the customs area .

  • Do not meet the region sales of goods and services sales tax except :

    • 7% sales tax levied only on 12 goods, catering services, hotels and tourist car services.

    • Special tax on alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes.

  • Exports abroad are subject to a sales tax of zero or zero.

    • Ease of entry of goods of Jordanian origin to international markets through:

      • Jordan's membership in the World Trade Organization.

      • Free trade agreements with many Arab countries.

There are no restrictions on the sale of services and goods to the customs area except for payment of duties and taxes due upon entry

The accessible entry of goods that are made in Jordan to the global markets by the following:

● Jordan membership in the World Trade Organization.

● Protocols and Free-trade conventions with many Arab countries.

● Absence of services and goods retail restrictions to the customs area, except the paying of duties and taxes as it enters.

Environment Investment

  • Simplified procedures for registration and licensing of various economic activities and through a unified investment window.

  • There are no restrictions on the contribution of foreign investment in all areas of tourism, industry and agriculture

  • Most commercial services except some professional services.

  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of profits and capital abroad.

  • There are no restrictions on dealing in foreign currencies.

Employment and migration

Simplified procedures for foreign worker permits and residence permits.

  • Any project can employ 70% of foreign workers, and this percentage can be exceeded in some cases.


  • Land can be leased for up to 50 years, renewable in special cases for an additional 50 years.

  • Land can only be purchased for the purpose of establishing hotels, health, and educational, residential and commercial buildings . Aqaba Special Economic Zone offers a wide range of competitive advantages to investors including :

  • Investment opportunities in various sectors of tourism , real estate , services and industry

  • Investments and procedural incentives that provide a pioneered and efficient

  • Low cost and an appropriate business environment with investment promotion laws

  • Projects ready for rapid operation and quick access to approvals

  • The availability of skilled and qualified Jordanian labor

  • A Strategic location linking the Middle East to north Africa and East Asia

  • A regional multimodal transport hub with a full service port , an international airport and a modern road network

  • Access to international trade markets through free trade agreements signed by Jordan with the European Union , the United States of American and Arab Countries

  • Availability of full service infrastructure ( infrastructure ) networks including energy , communications and global connectivity for international communications through FLAG

  • Availability of facilities and land with the necessary services for light and medium industries, warehousing, commercial and residential uses

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