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The ASEZA is in charge of providing better services to investors in Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA) and following up on their investments. The ASEZA has established a department in this regard. Please contact the Investor Affairs Department in case of any inquiries, comments or complaints on the following telephone numbers



00962 – 3 – 2091000 – Sub : 3156 - 3529


Companies registration in the area

The registered company with ASEZA has the right to import goods and get exemption from taxes . and the registration is really simple as the following process :

The First step : application

The registration starts with fill the application / the legal form and economic details are required / and the companies registered outside Jordan can register in ASEZA in order to work in the area and Jordan

The Second step : registration certificate

After approval and pay the fees , ASEZA issues a certificate with a registration number grants the right of importing duty free goods to the area . that may require to hire a service officer to work with the registered company in order to provide the supporting from ASEZA.

Note: the Registration of the institutions is optional and it’s only necessary for those institutions which is wishing to get benefit from ASEZA Law . After Registration, the registered intuitions must start commencing the licensing process within thirty days from the date of registration.

Obtaining the necessary certificates to start working in the region

The investment Department of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority work to help the investors and to facilitate the process of obtaining all permits, certificates and environmental approvals that is necessary to establish and manage of various economic projects in the region . All institutions that engaged in the economic activities in the Aqaba Special Zone should obtain a public health certificate, a public safety certificate and an environmental approval, while a direct authorization should be obtained for only a certain activity.

The first step: Introducing the Investment Facilitation Model

The authorization process begins with the filling Facilitation Form to provide ASEZA with details on the proposed project. This requires the applicant to provide a general information about the institution, a description of the economic activities, proposed facilities, capital, labor force and proposed dates for staring the work . ASEZA shall provide the applicant with all necessary permit requirements within fourteen working days from the date of receiving the Investment Facilitation Form.

The Second Step : The Authorization requirements

The investment Directorate provides an advice to the institutions about the requirements for authorizing specific economic activities . ASEZA permit procedures to adopt a risk-based approach to the authorization procedures through a fast lane for low-risk institutions , which can be exempted from the facility inspections prior to commencement . Depending on the type of the activity , some institutions may be exempted from the environmental approval , while others require a preliminary environmental assessment or an Energy Information Administration Study .

  The Third Step : Detection of the facilities

The investment Directorate shall inform the corporation to the need for an inspection of the facilities, and this visit of these facilities shall be arranged by the competent teams . After the successful completion of the process , ASEZA shall issue the required certificates, permits and after the payment of the prescribed fees .

Amman Chamber of the Industry Services

  • Issuing the origin certificates , the representative of the Amman Chamber of the Industry in the investment Directorate issues the origin certificates for the manufactured goods in the region for the industrial registered members in the Amman Chamber of Industry . This is based on the decision of the Prime Minister to consider Aqaba Special Economic Zone within the geographical scope of the Amman Chamber of Industry and according to the signed memorandum of Understanding between the Authority and the Amman Chamber of Industry .

  • The representative also provides the service of signature validating , registration and renewal of registration for the institutions and companies which are wishing to get benefit from the Chamber’s services after the registration as an industrial member or marketing member in the Amman Chamber of Industry .

The Procedure

The industrial member shall submit a commercial invoice in accordance with the requirements . The chamber representative shall enter the invoice information on the electronic system of the Amman Chamber of Industry .After reviewing the information by the official in the chamber , the representative shall pay the required fees and issue the certificate of origin, stamp it, sign it duly and delivered it to the representative of the company / institution .

Temporary input of vehicles

The registered institution shall be entitled to introduce the vehicles to the region under the temporary entry mode in accordance with the provisions of the entry regulations for vehicles and the issued instructions . where the approvals are granted on the approval of the Commissioners Board based on the consent of the Commissioner concerned on temporary entry on passenger cars of all types based on the actually investments employed for the registered institutions in the region and prepare the employment of the institution , grant the approvals for the mechanisms required by the registered intuitions to complete the projects in the region in accordance with the provisions of the system upon the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

Work Permission and Visas

The operating institution in Aqaba benefit from the flexible labor policies that allow to employ the non- Jordanian workers , where registered institutions are allowed to employ 70% of their workers from aboard. This percentage can be exceeded in special cases with the permission of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Commissioners Board . ASEZA Has the right to issue Visas, work permits , visits and residence permission . Visas and work permissions can be obtained from the employment , Visa and Residence Directorate . it is worth mentioning that there are no visa fees for Aqaba Special Economic Zone. If visitors enter the economic zone .

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Investment Opportunities

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